Why Sunrise Ballwin? Because we are fanatical about the quality of YOUR massage!!! Your Sunrise Experience must be a positive one – we are committed to ensuring that you are DELIGHTED with your massage!  Come in today & find out why!  Try our Sunrise FUSION Massage!!!  It’s outstanding!!!

We are not affiliated with Sunrise Day Spa in Olivette.  We sold that business in 2013. 

How to Get a TERRIFIC Massage

We have become massage snobs! And we mean this in the most respectful way. We have come to expect so much more out of massage therapy sessions that it has heightened our standards of what a good massage is – and rightfully so.

A high tide raises all ships! Raising the bar for massage excellence helps everyone, so let’s raise that bar!

You want the BEST MASSAGE EVER? Then do your part! Here’s the secret: your participation in the massage therapy session greatly affects the outcome and your level of satisfaction before, during, and after.

Start With a Good Massage Plan

A what? Yep. A massage plan.

What is a massage plan? It’s a simple yet powerful tool you can use to manage your massage therapy process to ensure the best possible outcome. It starts with defining your goal for your massage therapy session.

What outcome do you want from your massage therapy session? Relaxation? Work the knots out of your shoulder? Stress reduction? Correct your plantar fasciitis? Are you looking for a romantic couple’s massage or a corrective therapeutic massage?

Knowing this goal going in helps achieve greater satisfaction coming out. You can write down your goal on your client intake form prior to your massage.

Pick the Pressure That’s Right For You

The next step is critical in ensuring that your massage goes from Good to GREAT! Applying the right pressure is absolutely crucial to your level of enjoyment and massage effectiveness during and after the massage.

We are all different. We all enjoy different levels of pressure. Light, Medium, Deep – whatever pressure matches your preference.

The key here is to communicate your pressure preference to your massage therapist before the massage. When the massage therapist gets the pressure perfect during the massage, let them know. If the pressure is wrong – don’t suffer! Simply communicate with your therapist to adjust the pressure accordingly.

How do you know what the right pressure is for you? The best way to approach this is to remember the deeper the pressure, the more effective the massage will be. Too light… meh. Too deep…OUCH! Just right… MASSAGE BLISS!!! The right pressure is when you can feel the massage going into your muscle tissue without any pain.

Relax – You’re in Good Hands

When you first get into the treatment room, start relaxing. Take deep relaxing breaths, clear your mind, focus on your body, and ask yourself how you feel. Pay attention to how your body answers that question. Share that with your massage therapist at the beginning of your massage.

Now it’s time to totally zone out. Let massage therapy work its magic on you. This is your time. This is your massage. This is a TERRIFIC massage. Own it!