Couples Massage

Couples Massage

DURATION: 1 hour
PRICE: $150

Twice the Fun! Bring your significant other, your closest friend, or that special someone to relax, enjoy, and share the experience. A fabulous side-by-side massage at a great price! We can make your session part of that special day together with additional features like in-room catering, roses, chocolates …how about aromatherapy? Let us know how we can delight you with this special treat! Be prepared to be spoiled with our amazing Couples Massage!

Treat Your Friends or Loved Ones

Stress-reducing and muscle-relaxing, a Couples Massage helps amplify a special day with state-of-the-art rooms that radiate comfort and ooze tranquility. Guests receive special treatment that lasts an entire hour.

Romantic couples get the royal treatment, lying down side-by-side in a dimly lit room on beds covered in lush red blankets. The serenity allows for them to clear their mind and take in the ambiance.

We also have excellent packages for friends, siblings, moms and daughters wanting to enjoy a great bonding experience!

Come in and spend the day with your loved one relishing the spoils of life!

Everyone loves their massage.

Great place!! We did a couples massage. The massage was great and very professional and friendly. Nice, clean, relaxing. Definitely would recommend! – Jena S

An Unforgettable Experience

Ballwin’s premiere Couples Massage is all about you. It’s your day to relax and enjoy! Extras are available to enhance the experience to make a special day even better. Add to the beauty, fun and memory of the day with additional features, such as:

  • In-room Catering: Eat to your heart’s delight with in-room catering. Try something new, relax after your massage and eat while tension and stress are melted away by professional, trained massage therapists.
  • Roses: Watch your loved one’s eyes widen as roses embalm the room. The scent of roses filling the air is an integral part of the experience, giving an additional detail to the already special experience.
  • Chocolates: Delectable chocolates ease the mood and satiate guests during their massage. Chocolate is a stimulant that heightens the mood, provides antioxidants to the body, aids in lowering blood pressure and tastes delightful with every bite.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy enhances the massage a step further through essential oils that may reduce anxiety, speed up healing, reduce pain, ease tension and relax couples during their special day.

Call us in advance at (636) 733-6019 to discuss how we can customize your experience and make your Couples Massage unforgettable from start to finish.

A Day for All Couples

Bond with that special someone, catch up with a friend or discuss business with a client who is more inclined to close the deal when relaxed. Couples massages enhance the experience, providing a higher comfort level and eliminating the nervousness some might feel during solo massages.

Personalized treatment melts the stress away.

Tightness and pain points are the focus of the massage. For example, we can help in loosening his tight neck muscles, or relieving the tension she keeps in her lower back, or reducing pain in his shoulder while she has her cramped calf muscle massaged. Whatever your pain point, our massages offer a healing and healthy experience where couples can lay back and enjoy the gentle yet firm hands of seasoned massage therapists.

Relax in an hour-long session that refreshes the mind and body and eliminates any stiffness or soreness, improving circulation and promoting a healthy lifestyle.. Lay side-by-side with friends, family or a romantic partner, sharing every moment of the experience together.

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